Sunday, May 07, 2006

Goodmorning, world!

I've always thought of blogging as something pretty geeky. But since I've never said I wasn't a geek, there was no reason for me not to start. Was there?

Honestly, I do this mostly for fun. The seriousness that is necessary for a lot of people just isn't here. At least not much of it. It could be fun haning around here anyway, so feel free, but don't expect too much.

Right now I'd just like to learn how this system works. I've always been the type who likes to write the code myself instead of writing it in these customized forms, but since I (and here comes the big confession!) only know how to do html, it won't work that well here. Hopefully there will be funnier posts about my daily adventures in the world of heteronormativity later on. See ya!


Blogger Glömskan said...

du kommer säkert bli hur seriös som helst. skall bli intressant och se hur länge du kan hålla dig från det superseriösa babblet...;P good luck;) puss och kram.


1:30 pm  

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