Monday, May 08, 2006

My hands hurt

I've just been crawling on the floor for more than an hour, trying to scrub of the paint from yesterdays banderol painting. Now, I've got naphtha all over my hands, and even if it isn't corroding it hurts like hell when you get it in open wounds. Just so you know...

Right now I'm just so tired I could throw up. Everythig has to be done and nothing is done if I don't do it. Or, ok, Chris and Leo and some other people get things done as well, Chris probably more then me, but it sure feels like I'm the only one doing things. Probably just because I'm such a self centered little bastard.

Todays joke: There were two tomatoes crossing a road. One of the tomatoes got run over by a car, and then the other tomatoe said "Come on, ketchup, let's go!"


Blogger Glömskan said...

the joke is different in English, the ending is just: Catchup!

I didnt come yesterday 'cause of 1. felt sick (maybe because of pollen or something. 2. Zaga was really sick, kidney failure, so now she is dead;...(

Hugs and kisses.


8:42 am  

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