Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I am so tired. I'm so tired every second word I write is in swedish and I have to delete it and translate it, witch is a very sow and ineffective way to do things. Especially since I bet I won't make it correct anyway.

School today was interesting, at the psychology class we did an excercise where you have to mark your opinion about certain sentences the techers read out loud by either sitting still or switch chair. I got caught in some kind of philosophic dilemma. The sentence was "Every group has a leader", and I agreed. But then I was caught by an interesting thaught. Yes, every group has it's leader. But is it because there actually have to be a leader, or is it because we expect there to be a leader and therefore create one? Interesting...

The lesson in religions was not as fun. We've now finished buddhism, and sometimes it seems like I'm the only atheist in my class. Not only do I think Iäm the only atheist, but I also seem to be the only one that doesnät get caught up in every religion we learn about. Some of the people in my class seriously thinks about becoming buddhists. Great, absolutely, if that's what they want - but last week several of them were half way to a convertion into hinduism...

After school I realized I had to make a quick visit at my parents, mostly to get my shorts (summer is here, I swear!) and my torches (for blowing fire - typical thing to do in the summer). My look into the kitchen resulted in nothing for once, usually I can find some food to bring home with me. Since I moved out it seems like they doesn't eat anything but meat, fish and milk or egg based products. Fucking unbelievable.

My little brother was home from school again - he's been skipping school a lot this term, and no one seems to know why. The worst thing is that I know that he doesn't feel good, and I haven't done anything about it. At least today we agreed to play some hours at GP as soon as I can find the time.

Well at home I made the booklet that I'm going to give my teacher in creative writing tomorrow, as my project in that class. I'm actually very proud, I've worked my ass off for it and it turned out great! Hard to make cpoies of thou, and that's sad 'couse I'd like to have one of my own, and to be able to give them to friends and stuff. But I guess I'll just have to makes copies by hand - this one only took me about four hours or so...

The evening then - a play at Intiman here in Malmö. It sucked. Sorry to have to say it, but it really did. The plot wasn't good enough, the lines were fun at times but mostly a bt to long and unconnected to each other so that it was hard to follow, and the characters were probalby very deep - but you never got to know them. Don't pay a penny to see "The Career" in Malmö, and if you get it for free like I did make sure you have the time - it can be used for something better.

Well, this headache I always get when I haven't been sleeping enough has strook, and even if I feel less tired now since I've been writing for a while that usually means I'm supposed to go to sleep. Chris is watching some war movie about the heroic americans in Japan during WW2, with Nicolas Cage in it. Maybe that's the true reason for my headache, No matter what, I'm going to sleep.

Sweet dreams!


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