Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Such strange day

Today's been a strange day. Woke up pretty early when dad called - he wanted to leave my bag with all the clothes he washed for me, and what's to say to that? Of course, that ment I couldn't go back to sleep. Curled up in my bed reading the latest number of The Phantom instead. Isn't mr Walker amazing? I sure think so...

Some time in the middle of the day I got another whim (do you say that in english?) and went out jogging for about ten minutes - without a single stop! Made me so exhausted I coudlnät breathe and had to lay in a cold bath tud for like an hour (with a good book). I have to get in better shape, especielly if I'm actually going to apply to the military. Haven't made up my mind about that yet...

In the evening me and an old friend went to the movies. Saw the premiere of "The Omen" (on 2006-06-06, get it?) and it sucked. I mean, why do a remake if you're not gonna change everything? Anyway, me and her talked a lot and I began to think about why we don't see each other that often. If I hadn't left Ung Vänster it wouldn't be like that...

Been sitting at the computer for hours, just talking to people. Old friends, new friends, about nothing and everything and anything and something. Right now I'm talking to another cute little t-boy about writing and poetry. Comparing our way of writing... Interesting, ´how much you can learn from such a small thing as if someone somewhere else writes better alone or when there's people around. Makes you think, and thinking makes you write, and then it's good. At least in my world it is.

Chris came home this evening. Made me a bit scared. Chris wasn't supposed to come home until thursday morning... Says Chris missed Chris' train. Too bad, gets to see me anyway. But I haven't even got a hug, so I'm not sure I like right now... Or, well, I'm just being grumpy and selfish.

I guess.

(How come I always guess and never know?)


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you're so cute :o)

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