Monday, June 05, 2006

This moment (aka Sydsvenskan today)

Today (sunday that is) the article I wrote about last time got published in Sydsvenskan - with a picture on the front page and two enitre spreads inside the A part. Wich means there was three pictures of me. Actually kind of fun to see. Even thou I didn't say all the smartest things, I do think I was one of the best on that spread. Some said the strangest things... I also made me realise how terrible my hair looks. Have to get a haircut. Now.

Sitting in front of the computer with my friends all curlse up in and around the sofa, smoking [some disagreement about the word to use. let me discribe it instead: it's a kind og pipe, arabic or something, and you pour water into it and have tobacco with taste, and use charcoal and smoke it through a hose]. theres the girl from Blekinge who has been with me the enitre weekend to play with fire and just hang around. There's the boy who lives right across the street from my school, who's been hanging around here just to get out of home and away from his dad. There's the girl who used to be in the class I used to be in a year ago, and the girl who I got to know becouse the two girls are friends. They're both hanging here tonight to get away from Lund where they live, and do something else. We've been out playing with fire - staff, pois and fire blowing, fun fun fun! - and smoking a bit, with the stramgest "accidents" like the entire room filled with smoke, or a new burn mark in Chris' capet as results. But we've been having a great time, and I guess thatäs the most important part.

I just realised how much this means to me. To be able to sit at almost four in the morning, having wonderful friends around me, having experienced a fun evening and... I don't know, but this feels really special to me. Especially the friends-part. Somehow, it feels like we're all running away from something, thatäs what keeps us together. The Blekinge girl is running away from her small hometown, the boy is running away from his family, and the girls from Lund are running away from their boring everyday life.

What I'm running from? Everything, I think. My parents and the rest of my family, school, consequences and anxiety.

But tonight I feel just fine. My own runaway hideout for all of us... Welcome.


Blogger Stinger said...

This is exactli how i felt about yesterday to! it was very special, and i felt I had finaly found a place where i could forget about Dad for a while....

3:34 pm  

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