Thursday, August 31, 2006

Last night, this afternoon and another episode of Charmed

Last night, we went to a club called Inkonst, to listen to Hugosomhelst. It was awesome! After a few drinks at home and a beer at the club, everything seemed great - but the best thing happening must have been that Hoyfen Balagan also played! I love them, the greatest balkan band I've ever heard. And I happen to know the guy playing the tuba, but unfortunately he had to work today so he couldn't come along and hang out. Well, and of course it was great making out with Vio the entire night ;)

Today: Waking up late, hang out watching TV, see the last episode of Charmed on the second disc of the second season (I love BoxMan!). Now, we're watching some movie called "The History of Violence", that seemed great in the trailer, and later on... Well, hopefully we'll do SOMETHING. Dunno what, though...

Sigh. Welcome to my life.


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