Monday, July 10, 2006

Kobra, where are you?

New day, new things happens. Slept until our laundry time started, and when we went back to get the first machines and start a new set we forgot to close the window. Result? Poor little Kobra (the cutest kitten in the world) escaped!

Kobra really is so cute, and she's only like 13 weeks old and haven't been outside that much. We're so worried... She can be anywhere! We've been out looking all four of us, and we've asked everyone we could see if they'd seen her, and now we've started to put up notes as well. I just hope she'll come back, soon...

Chris is ill (but not very, I think) and has been playing TV games all day, just like yesterday. Today it's snowboard games... A lot of stuff's got really fucked up concerning both Hajken and the Arkvika festival. Fuckmuck, as Sebbe would say.

Myself I've spent most of the day (when not doing the laundry or looking for the cat) reading a great book about the swedish language by Fredrik Lindström, called "Jordens Smartaste Ord" ("The Most Clever Word in the World"). Not as good as his last book "Världens Dåligaste Språk" ("The Badest Landuage fo the World"), but almost.

I've been walikng barefoot all day, so my feet are dirty. And I don't feel like doing anything, really. I should get in the shower though...



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