Sunday, July 09, 2006

Long time, no see - or The Festival Post

As you can see, I haven't been blogging for a while. Not since I went away to Hultsfredsfestivalen. But here I am again, ready to serve you the best details of my life since last time.

At the festivals, we (me and the rest of my friends from RFSL Ungdom) work with handing out condoms and talking about safer sex and LGBT. It's great! And all these horny festival visitors really appreciate us being there...

Hultsfred was fun, but I spent most of it lying in my tent with fever and a sore throat, so I only saw one band. Los Diabajo. But what a band! Mexican ska, we were all dancing like crazy and the music never stopped. If you didn't see them, I feel sorry for you.

And then, the 30:th of June, was my birthday. The day begun with my parents knocking on the door, surprising me with flowers, bubble wine and a giant homemade vegan princess cake! I also got some money from them and fro my grandma, hopefully that (together with the money from my graduation) will take me through this summer. From Chris, Kimpe, Vio, Andy and Sebbe I got all the Paksenarrion books in english - the best fantasy books ever! If you don't know about them, check out the Wiki article about them. It's worth it. That was like the best gift ever...

The first of July, we (meaning me and Chris) went to Karlstad to celebrate Kimpe's birthday, and of course I forgot his birthday gift in Malmö. Sigh. But still, we had a great party and a nice time in Karlstad before the Peace and Love festival in Borlänge.

Peace and Love was awesome! Okey, it's almost embarrasing to have the festival camping in Folkets Park, and the Democracy Days before the festival wasn't at all as interesting as I had hopes for, but I saw Mian Lodalen and a nice debate. I also went to a poetry workshop, wich ended with me (and two other workshop visitors) getting published in the local newspaper Dala-Demokraten!

The festval itself was great, we had so much fun all of us! Work was fun (thou I don't think it's great plannig to have people working for hours without a longer break for food) and we actually ran out of condoms. Out neighbours in the camp were fantastic, and we were all axcited about the beautiful tones of "Sommaräng" at the end. Also, Chris found some cute guy to spend the festival with and was (obviously) satisfied... Of the bands I saw Dia Psalma was above all the best. Almost closest to the scene all the audience was dancing like crazy, singing along and almost starting mosh pits. It was so amazing...

Well, at last we had to leave, and the Sommaräng boys were all waving, I got loads of hugs from the Greenpeace guy and the strange punkers said good bye to me. Now, I'm sitting in the sofa at Kimpe and Vio's place in Karlstad again, feeling remarkably tired after sleeping on Chris' shoulder both in the train and on the bus on the journey back. Chris is playing the Matrix TV game (PS2) and seems to have a great time, and Kimpe and Vio is outside practising inlines. Myself, I plan to finish this post and take a power nap.


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