Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Long time, no blogging

It's been so long I'd almost forgot I should be blogging. Well, that's life. Loads of stuff has happened. The topics for today are: Pride, Gerogia and Home, sweet home.

We went to Pride. It was fun. really fun. At first we stayed at a camping - me, Chris, Vio and Kim - but the host was some racist-homophobic-transphobic-son-of-a-bitch, so after a few nughts we moved and put pur tents up in Linus' back yard instead. Much better... Even if it's in Skarpnäck :)

Pride itself was fun to. A little bit to much Eurovision for me, and a little too much work (handing out condoms) that made me miss some lectures that seemed really interesting, but the parade was awesome - the biggest ever in Sweden - and I was drunk almost every night. Happi Plajd!

I've been in Georgia. Not Georgia as in the US, but Georgia as in Caucasus just north-east of Turkey. The reason was a coruse in innovative project management, and it was great. I learned a lot about things like logical framework, appreciative inquirement, problem trees, coaching, team work and other things. I also learned that Georgia has it's own alphabet, that the name Siranush means "sweet love" and that you say "pava" to get a beer. The other participants were great, and we spent almost every night at the beach drinking beer or georgian red wine, talking, smoking (a packet of cigarettes is about six SEK, or almost one euro) and singing Yesterday.

Now I'm home again, and not going away for some time. Feels strange, but mostly good. Right after the Malmö festival last week (came home from Georgia in the middle of it) we decided to clean out the walking closet for real. Everything that used to be in there are now stacked in the living room, which looks like a warehouse of some kind, and the walking closet has become my room! In it fits a shelf with my books and other things, a very small bureau for my clothes, some kind of bookshelf lying on the side to make room for a few things and be my desk, and a madrass (70x180 cm). My clothes are haning over my head while I'm sleeping - or will be. I haven't really tried the room yet... But as soon as we've got some electricity in there so I can have a lamp, I will. It's actually very cosy, even if it's small.

Other things going on is that Vio is here, visiting from Karlstad. So far, we've been playing computer games and doing mine and Chris' laundry. Very exciting. Hopefully we'll have some time to do other stuff as well before herm has to go home. Also, I'm getting a loan to buy myself a computer. A black MacBook, I've been longing for a computer for years and that one... Oh, I couldn't want it more. Just have to go through my economy to see for how long I'm going to take the loan. It's got a lot to do with how much rent I'm going to pay for the appartment, and Chris hasn't made up herms mind about that yet. Hopefully it won't be long...

Well, that's about it right now. My first course at Malmö Högskola starts this friday, I'm to be reading "homophobia and heteronormativity" and the swedish sign language. Life goes on. As usual.


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