Friday, June 09, 2006

Graduation yesterday

I'm going to start this post with saying that I'm happy I write this today and not yesterday. The persons who got messages or saw me yesterday knows why. The rest of you can probably guess ;)

I graduated! I finally did it! And when it was actually happening it didn't feel that bad. And during the evening, when me and my friends all got more and more drunk and we celebrated at Indigo just partying our asses off I actually felt great! Not often that happens, so I'm definately satisfied.

Presents I remember: Two kinds of chocolate, a couple of interesting books, two good looking necklaces, a gift card for a new piercing jewelry, a pine apple, a garlic card, a major bunch of flowers, a couple of silly soft animals in strings to put around the neck (one of them a frog palying the classical student song, but playing it wrong. Argh!), loads of gift cards, a digital camera, two board games and - of course! - money. About 3500:-, pretty good I think... And the best part is that all the gifts were personal and fun, and none of them were "feminine" (witch was a great risk when my relatives bought me necklaces, you should know that for sure).

Today I've just been hanging around at home, made a quick visit to the school to return some books and spent some time at my parents house, mostly to eat left over crisps, watch some telly and get my sleeping bag and other useful stuff. And all the gifts :)

I wonder a bit: how many times will I be able too drink this much (or more), and get up the next day without a trace of a hang over? Got a bit of a stomach ache today, but not much worse then I could have any day, especially after eating bad. Guess I'm lucky...

Just playing with words without anything to write. Silly habit, this to write my blog as a diary, telling everyone what I've been doing like that would be of any interest to anyone. I know I'm supposed to write interesting things, to tell my theories about the world, and so on. But I just can't. Is that so strange? The words usually always do as I tell them to, but not when blogging. Anyone got any ideas of how to fix this? Anyone even read this long?

I'm being so fucking stupid. The only thing less interesting to read about then my day must be to read about how bad I am with blogging.

I'm sorry.


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