Sunday, September 17, 2006


Sitting here in the sofa all by myself, Chris and Elias (from hereby known as Eskil :P ) are sleeping in the bedroom. Just wrote a new poem, wich is really good, but I still feel a lot of anxiety over not having enough new stuff for tuesday, or whenever we're supposed to be doing this spoken word thing again. I mean, I really love to reád me poetry out loud and I love playing with words and make people understand me by choosing the exact ways to formualate myself, but still, I haven't been feeling to great lately and then everything I write is full with anxiety and sadness, like all my old stuff, and it would be fun to read something new, something different... It's not all bad, this world we live in, it's just a bit hard to find the bright parts some times.

So here I am, blogging instead of writing stuff that I can actually use. And of course I don't really have anything to say, either... Listening to Deep Purple at the moment, that's nice. Eehm... OK, I can't figure out anything more to say. Honestly.

I'ss write some other time.


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