Sunday, September 03, 2006

Friday, saturday and Charmed - again

Okey, think it's time for a new blogg. Friday night: felt really, really bad. Got drunk. Ended up lost (for first time in my life), took a taxi home and laid in the bed crying with Chris hugging me the entire night. Not good.

New mission in life: find out who I am
How to do it: listen to myself, whatever that means
Who to do it: noone but me
When to do it: starting now, lasting very very long

Yesterday I played RPG (=role playing games) the entire day, with a few friends. Loved it. Love Geoffrey Johnson, my character. Love Vampire. Love a lot... :)

today: so far only Charmed, and boring breakfast. Later on, don't know. Broke again.

So, the content of this very short blogg covering a lot is that I've been feeling really bad, but that I've got a lot of support and that I feel a lot better again. And that I, theoreticaly, know what to do about it, even though I, practicaly, have no idea how to go through with it.

Fucking perfect.


Blogger Kimpe said...

duuu, du borde blogga oftare.. bara så du vet ;o)

9:06 pm  

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