Monday, September 11, 2006

Trying to blogg

Let's see if I can do this by now...

This thursday, I finally got the operation in my right hand wrist that I've been longing for, for four years or so. Got rid of some stuff that's not supposed to be there. Got a lot of pain and inconveniense in return. Example: today, I wanted to eat. Noone home but me and Chris, and Chris was sleeping. To make some food, someone had to do the dishes. Result: I had to go out to eat, in this case a pizza. Well - I guess if I was REALLY broke, I could have put some bag on my hand (as I do in the shower) and done my best with the dishes, or eat more hard bread with red onion. On the other hand, just to vut the onion gives me the creepes, it hurts! And I get this strnge feeling that something's thightening my wrist to a certain posiyion, it kind of springs back. Guess it's the stitches, or just the bandaid, or both. Whatever.

I had the worst wake-up in ages after the operation. The nurse in the room where I laid in my little bed trying to make my head feel like it was actually attached to my shoulders were named Björn, and he tried to wake me up. He shaked my shoulder carefully and said "[My old name], time to wake up. Miss, are you OK?" Not fun at all. And when I'd been lying there for a while and started to get really bored, he offered me "VeckoRevyn" to read! (VeckoRevyn is a terrible lady's magazine that I'd rather die then read, especially in public). I answered by demanding King, a magazine about men's fashion, and when they were out of it I managed to make him bring me Illustrerad Vetenskap insted (a popular magazine about new science). Kind of boring, but anything's better then VeckoRevyn!

Friday me and Chris (and some other people of course, both people I know and some I didn't) went home to Jenny in Oxie for her farewell bbq party. She's leaving for the Czech Republic tomorrow, monday, and she'll be staying there for a year as an EVS (European Volountary Service). To make a long story a litte bit shorter, me and Jenny had something undefined including some kisses and cuddling that I really enjoyed just before summer, but since we haven't seen each other this entire summer and I never actually felt she was missing me as I were missing her, I thought I was kind of over her. It showed she'd actually missed me like crazy, and I discovered I wasn't over her at all. So about half an hour after my sms's to Vio when Herm decided to grab a train from Karlstad the next day (yesterday) to see me, I was making out with Jenny. I loved every second of it, and we ended up sleeping together (not having sex) in her parents big, cozy bed.

Saturday morning, I woke up thinking I wasn't at all having a bad conscience, witch I thought I would after friday night. Actually, I felt great, and we went of to attend to Sverigedemokraterna's meeting at a square. Sverigedemokraterna's a scary racist party that tries to get into the swedish riksdag (national assembly), and is doing quite well. We attended together with some other nice anti-racists, screaming a little and laughing at them. A bit of arguing, some guy accused me and some others of being racists (looong story) but after all, I think it went quite well - unfortunately both for us and them. We should have been at least three times as many, and we should have been able to do a lot more to sabotage, but I guess it was quite OK after all.

I relized how hard it is to find vegan everyday shoes, at least good looking, comfortable ones in Malmö. Found one pair, really really cool, but of course Stadium was out of my size in the entire Skåne, and are unable to ordes new ones of some fucking reason. So I'm still walking around in my old, really ugly leather shoes with holes, 'cause I can't find any others that's worth the money. (If I decide to pay for them at all... ;) )

Vio arrived, and we had a noce evening at Bodoni, listening to a feminist coir that I really love and having a few beers between the kisses. Ended the evening with some great sex. Today, I've been sleeping on the couch (with Chris) while Vio had a cup of coffee with Arawn, watched the movie Silent Hill at Leo's, watched other people playing the PS2 game Silent Hill, and had a walk with Popsy. Popsy is Vio'v adorable dog, a pappillion with attitude. Sweet and cuddly attitude :)

Now, I think I'm going to bed. My hand hurts a little bit more - it's to frustrating to write with one hand, so I write with both even thou I know I'll have to pay. That's what I mean with trying in the headline, if anyone didn't get it... Tomorrow Chris starts work at nine, Vio leaves at a quarter past four and me and Naomi might be going to Kristianstad to kick some homophobic ass (not litterary, that is).

Understand swedish? Check out, get pissed of and order their expensive material FOR FREE! They pay the stamps, and you get a free book (A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality). Yey!


Blogger Glömskan said...

Its not PS2 game, its for PS1/PSOne... the predecessor to PS2. Though the other three Silent Hill games are on PS2...


10:22 am  
Blogger T-boy said...

sigh. well, whatever... at least, WE played it on the PS2. hmpf! *smiling*

10:21 pm  

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