Monday, September 18, 2006

Election etc

Yesterday was election day - with a terrible result. Right wing government, and in my commune the fucking racists (Sverigedemokraterna) got more then 7%! That's like five or six seats... They got between 20% and 25% in Landskrona - that's between a fifth and a fourth of all the votes! I feel very sorry for you, all who lives in Landskrona. If you need to leave, my door is always open for you.

But on the other hand, the green party made one of the best elections ever, witch is great, and and even if F! (the Feminist Initiative, who got my vote) never reached the government, they got more then one percent of the votes and that will help them a lot. Yesterday I went home from the green partys election event early, crying like a baby, but today I feel a lot better. So, it went great for them this time, but next time - oh, don't even think about it! I'm gonna work my ass of for a great government and, above all, NO FUCKING RACISTS!!!

Today, I went to the hospital and got rid of my stitches. Got a look at the scar, and it's actually really cool, like a Z or a bolt of lightening or something. Beautiful. And the best of all: I can wash my hands without problems! Sooo fresh!

Now, I'm going to collect all the camera films and one time cameras that's lying around here and turn them in so I can get all the old photos - some are a coupple of years old, so I'm not even sure they can give me the pictures, but I guess it's worth a try. And them I'm, of course, going to RFSL Ungdom's office to see Chris. We're going to order our new MacBook Pro's and Ipod Nano's. In about a week, I will have a new computer!

So I'm going to turn off the scary nazi music I'm listening to (for fun... I'm strange) and leave. Just have to finish this song.


Blogger Glömskan said...

Actually F! only got 0,68% in the parliamentary elections, which will lead to that they will NOT get there vote papers(?) distributed next election... they have to get at least 1% for that...


7:31 am  
Blogger T-boy said...

fuck! well, then there's nothing good, I guess...

12:39 pm  

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