Monday, November 13, 2006

Are you with me?

How can these things happen? How can they be allowed to fucking happen!?!?!

I've just watched the movie "Bloody Sunday", about a civil rights demonstration in Northern Ireland. The british army decided to move in, blaming "gunmen" and "bombers". Result 13 dead, 14 injured. Many of them as young as seventeen.

Sometimes I get so tired of everything. Maybe it's time to give up. maybe man isn't good, maybe there will never be world peace, maybe there will always be kids getting killed by militaires.

Afterwards, the officers who made the desiscion to move in got decorated by the queen.

Maybe there will always be people getting rewards for killing innocents.

I don't know.
Will we ever know?

But there's one thing that I do know. I can't give up.

If I give up, I give away the victory to all those people who kill innocents. To all those people in the world that maybe aren't good after all.

Man aren't evil by nature. But nature can shape man into anything.

As long as people get killed I will fight. Not by killing, but by talking, by writing, by demonstrating and by letting my words spread.
As long as people get killed, there will always be people who give up.
But there will also, always, be those who keep fighting. Who doesn't give in, and who refuse to lower themselves to that same level.
Who doesn't think that more violence will solve the problem.

I only have one thing left to say today.

Who are you with?


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