Thursday, November 16, 2006

One late night

So, it's four o'clock and I'm not in bed yet. It's been one of those evenings that's actually not that special, but that you of some reason don't want to end. Right now I'm chatting with some guy from the dark northern part of this godforsaken country. He's very nice, and will probably be the first one to read this :)

Sgt Stinger is sleeping on our sofa, and the snoring is actually really cute. He woke up just as I wrote this, though, in need of an aspirin. he's supposed to get up for work tomorrow, as is Chris, and I can't stop wondering how they fit their lives together. Can't stop wondering how I do it.

Which I don't.

But anyway. Just wrote a new post at a swedish blog, "jag vill ha testo" ("I want testo") about something really nice. I've got the first appointment for my gender identity dissorder evaluation (anyone got a better word for that in english, please?) in just a few weeks, instead of february like they told me on the phone. Interesting. Scary, but interesting. I wonder if they will think I'm dissordered (=a man) or not.

I guess I should be going to bed. But what the fuck..


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